Friday, August 22, 2008

When I was a kid, I got a bicycle for my birthday. It was purple, pink and white. It had a big banana seat, handle bar streamers and a big basket with a flower on the front. I rode the bicycle around with our little Yorkshire terrier perched in the front basket. It was a sight to behold and I loved that bicycle.

But, perhaps my feelings are stronger through the nostalgic lens of time than they were in reality, because despite all its 1980’s glory the bicycle was often neglected. I left the bicycle in the yard. I left the bicycle on the front porch. Frequently, I left the bicycle out in the rain.

My parents wanted me to learn to be responsible. They wanted me to know that there are consequences to poor choices. So, they did what most conscientious parents would do, they gave me an ultimatum. The bicycle is stored in the garage OR it’s the last bicycle we ever buy for you. Until two years ago; the purple, pink and white bicycle with the banana seat, handle bar streamers and the big basket was the only bicycle I’ve ever owned.

Note: Now, some of you may be picturing me riding a bicycle for the first time in 20 years. You may be thinking that it probably wasn’t pretty. Well, I can assure you that the actual event was far uglier in real life than you can possibly imagine. But, THAT is another post for another time…

I’m going to start a blog. Let’s hope that this blog lives longer and receives better care than the purple, pink and white bicycle with the banana seat and the handle bar streamers.


The LaBouffs said...

Hi, Carolyn! I also am a recovering blogophobic ;) Welcome to bloggy world! It is more addicting that you'll ever know!

Dana said...


Welcome, friend! :)

Merrie said...

Hi, Carolyn. I'm Rebekah's mom... I'm saying that blogophobia runs in the family.
I think your parents did a wonderful job with you in teaching responsibility.

Anna C said...

I'm thinking of my two bikes hanging in our garage, bought with good intentions of becoming Mrs Lance Armstrong, used a few times and now reminders of a more fit time of life. And of course my blog, neglected and dusty. You've inspired me to use both more!