Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside if frightful!

Okay, can I just vent for a minute?

Winter hit hard and fast this week. We went from temperatures in the 70's to the 30's in just a few short days. So, it's time to pull out all of Evan's winter clothes and see if anything fits. Fortunately, the big ticket items still fit. So, I just need to buy a few supplements.

Today, I was looking for a fleece scarf to keep his face and neck warm. I went to Target, because I figured they were sure to have SOMETHING that would work. Well, the experience at Target mirrors most of my experiences when I purchase clothes for Evan.

Girls clothes outnumber boys clothes 2 to 1.

Generally, it doesn't matter. Except when I have something really specific that I'm looking for. Like an outfit for his baby dedication or say a scarf. Then I find myself totally annoyed.

So today, in the baby and toddler section there were two full racks of warm weather accessories for girls. There was one half of a rack for boys. Totally picked over. The remnants were 8 fleece hats and three gloves. Not three PAIR of gloves - three gloves. Lord only knows what happened to the fourth glove. But, I digress...

Ditto to the "big boy" section as well. Finally, I found the Target Scarf Mecca! Girls size 4-16. They had scarfs of every color, fabric and size. Pink scarfs. Polka dotted scarfs. Leopard print scarfs. And one lone black fleece scarf.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, my son is going to wear a black fleece scarf from the Girl's section at Target. I was desperate. Please don't revive this post when he turns 15....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting in Virginia

I voted in a blue county in a purple state today. The voting experience was in stark contrast to my previous experiences in God's Country (a.k.a. Texas). So, I wanted to give you a little insight into voting in Northern Virginia.

My voting precinct is at a local elementary school. When I arrived this morning, the line was out the door, down the sidewalk, through the parking lot, and around the corner. It took me about 10 minutes just to find a parking space.

When I finally found the end of the line, I was warmly greeted by an Obama volunteer with a sample Democratic ballot. I politely declined and took my place in line. Shortly thereafter, I was greeted by another Obama volunteer. I looked cold, would I like some warm coffee? I politely declined and started to shift my weight from side to side as I waited. A few minutes later another Obama volunteer came by. Would I like a granola bar? Some bottled water? No and no. Thanks.

The line was moving slowly, but it was progressing. I had finally reached the long sidewalk that went directly into the school. Obama/Biden signs flanked the walkway into the school. As I inched closer to the school, I was approached by two Acorn volunteers in black shirts with bold white lettering. The shirts proclaimed that I had a right to vote and highlighted an 800 number that I could call to report voter suppression. They also pointed to a lawyer (and Obama supporter) who could assist me if I was denied my right to vote today. Got it.

Once I made my way inside the school, the Obama presence faded slightly. Volunteers are not allowed to wear political flair inside the polling place. But, one of the Obama volunteers (sans previous Obama regalia) stood inside the school waiving and giving a “thumbs up” to voters as he passed them. It was like, “You liked the coffee didn’t you? Don’t forget who gave it to you!” To their credit, every Obama volunteer was very kind and polite.

I felt like my voting experience had been sponsored by Barack Obama. I am not exaggerating when I say there was not a single sign or mention of John McCain.

The entire ordeal took about 2 hours. Early on, I called my husband. I could see the line and I knew what was to come. I suggested that voting today was a waste of time and that my vote wouldn’t really matter. He suggested that I should vote because we live in a swing-state. I wasn’t convinced. Then he said, “If for no other reason, you should vote because I risked my life defending our country, so that you could have this right.” Good point.

For those of you wondering if the lines are worth it, if your time is worth it, and if your vote really matters; it is and it does. Our freedom is bought with a price. This is an opportunity, not only to help select our country’s leaders, but to show appreciation to all those who fight to give us this freedom.