Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside if frightful!

Okay, can I just vent for a minute?

Winter hit hard and fast this week. We went from temperatures in the 70's to the 30's in just a few short days. So, it's time to pull out all of Evan's winter clothes and see if anything fits. Fortunately, the big ticket items still fit. So, I just need to buy a few supplements.

Today, I was looking for a fleece scarf to keep his face and neck warm. I went to Target, because I figured they were sure to have SOMETHING that would work. Well, the experience at Target mirrors most of my experiences when I purchase clothes for Evan.

Girls clothes outnumber boys clothes 2 to 1.

Generally, it doesn't matter. Except when I have something really specific that I'm looking for. Like an outfit for his baby dedication or say a scarf. Then I find myself totally annoyed.

So today, in the baby and toddler section there were two full racks of warm weather accessories for girls. There was one half of a rack for boys. Totally picked over. The remnants were 8 fleece hats and three gloves. Not three PAIR of gloves - three gloves. Lord only knows what happened to the fourth glove. But, I digress...

Ditto to the "big boy" section as well. Finally, I found the Target Scarf Mecca! Girls size 4-16. They had scarfs of every color, fabric and size. Pink scarfs. Polka dotted scarfs. Leopard print scarfs. And one lone black fleece scarf.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, my son is going to wear a black fleece scarf from the Girl's section at Target. I was desperate. Please don't revive this post when he turns 15....


The LaBouffs said...

At least the big ticket items still fit and no one will ever know
(unless they read your blog) that it's a girl's scarf. But, hey, it'll serve it's purpose!

Over the summer, Noah grew TWO sizes. He went from a 2T earlier this year to a 4T!! All his pants were 2 inches too short and his sweaters were belly shirts! I do sympathize with you about the boy can be so frustrating!

momdiggity said...

Awww...poor Evan. Does Dave know his manly little boy is wearing girl clothes??? I would love to know how he reacted to the news.

Dana said...

Friend...give me your address and tell me what color his coat is. I MAKE SCARVES!!! When I discovered how hard it is to find scarves for wee tots, I started crocheting takes me about two-three days (provided I am not presented with any "distractions").

So, let me know!! I'd be happy to send Evan, a striped, manly scarf! :)