Monday, September 15, 2008

After church yesterday, Evan was running around the lobby in a sea of people. The best way for me to keep an eye on him was to crouch down to knee level. From this vantage point, I saw Evan spot something and stop dead in his tracks. It was a little plastic wrapper. He stooped down, carefully picked it up and examined it. After some consideration, he marched over to a man (he didn't know) and tugged on his pant leg. The man looked down at Evan, and Evan handed him the little plastic wrapper. The man looked perplexed, but took the wrapper anyway. As soon as he did, Evan pointed emphatically at the trash can next to the man. Evan wanted him to throw it away.

At 19 months old, Evan is already orchestrating his world!


Dana said...

Hmmm...I think I see TMM Project Director in his future! LOL! :)

The LaBouffs said...

That is hilarious!