Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smarty Pants

I am not a Smarty Pants, and I have the GMAT scores to prove it. But, I'm always looking for opportunities to use that phrase with a straight face. Alright, with a little bit of a smirk...

Anyway, I am excited to announce that after months of preparation and planning, I have been accepted into the University of Wisconsin's MBA program! UW offers their MBA program online, so we won't have to relocate to Wisconsin. Have you been to Wauwatosa in January? Enough said. ;)

I expect that this will be a pretty slow process, but I am excited to start! I am also thrilled to have found a program that should be flexible enough to work with the rest of my life demands.


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wesleyandbeth said...

That's so wonderful!!! What will you specialize in?