Monday, June 01, 2009

Help Me Rhonda!

Evan is just now really entering into the world of coherent verbal communication. So, we are encouraging him to use words to describe what he needs/wants. His grandmother was working with him on this a lot last week. When he gets frustrated, he lets out this pathetic whine and cries. So, she told him to say "help" or "help me" when he needed something. Well, it took. Maybe a little too well. Our conversations this weekend went something like this:

Evan: Help! HELP! Help me! HELP me! HELP ME!

Me: What?!? Are you okay? What do you need?

Evan: Banana please


Evan: Help! HELP! Help me! HELP me! HELP ME!

Me: Are you okay? Did you get hurt?!?!

Evan: Bob Builder! (Evan's newest fascination...)


At least I know that he should have no trouble asking for help when he actually needs it. I can just see him if we get separated in a store. He will be the two year old walking up and down the aisle screaming "HELP ME!!!!"


Dana said...

LOL!!! That is just too funny!!

wesleyandbeth said...

that's awesome!!! ha!